Black Yoghurt

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Trendy Powerhouse Vocal Trio

Black Yoghurt is the latest boy group created for the corporate theatre and events industry by choreographer and director Owen Lonzar. Owen put his 21 years of experience to good use when selecting the 3 singers, and he has created a group with 3 very different singers in looks and personality who gel together extremely well to create an amazing sound. The men in the group...Donovan Yaards, Itu Tshabane and Sean Mc Grath are all soloists in their own right but they work together beautifully to help make your event memorable. They will be perfect for a party setting and will have your guests dancing and singing along to all their favorites. They are also a great choice for your awards evenings and launches with voices that will inspire your staff/guests. They are fast learners so a request for a particular song you will want that isn't in their playlist is not a problem. Book them will not be disappointed.

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